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About the Artist

"Curiosity killed the cat," but for a while, Taylor Erickson was a suspect.  From an early age curiosity propelled him to study many disciplines and explore connections between differing ideologies. 

Eventually, his search led to art. 

In college, Taylor studied a number of disciplines and was an all-conference lacrosse player and captain of the soccer team.  At nights, he played guitar in a band and held consecutive terms in student government.  He went on to earn his Masters in Business from Vanderbilt University. 

After school he worked as a consultant and was recognized for his combined knowledge of computers and business.  In 1999 he started his own consulting practice, Evolve-Solutions, Inc. in Denver CO.  His interest in computers and physics led him to explore concepts in chaos and complexity theory, artificial intelligence, and genetic algorithms.  In the late 90s he capitalized on this knowledge by designing computer models to trade the stock market.

Using many of the same concepts, he designed a computer program to write poetry.  In late 2001, he finished recording his first music CD "Sketches."  In the process of designing the cover of the album, a "creative awakening" occurred where Taylor realized a profound and deep appreciation of art. 

"Much of what I had been doing with music and poetry was trying to engage the Listener/reader in a dialogue about the discovery of truth.  Personally, some of my favorite moments in life are when I gain a new perspective.  It is the search for these moments that compel people like Einstein and Picasso to achieve greatness. My search for truth has led to art, where a certain balance between color and line invite the viewer to contribute their own experiences in achieving the final perception of the painting.  In doing so, a personal dialogue between artist and viewer takes place that communicates something bigger than words…feeling, which is the language of the soul."

"My best work usually surfaces when I lose sight of objective and get lost in the process of balancing the last brushstroke with the next.  A rhythm ensues that helps breathe life into the painting and pushes me along until, eventually, I step back and see the whole for the first time." 

"My art is not the spontaneous creation of something from nothing, but the evolving interdependence of strokes and color to create a collective whole that is greater than the sum of it's parts.  Finally, it is through the emergence of form that truth is revealed and my journey is finished."

Taylor Erickson is a colorist who strives to synthesize change and permanence in a single painting. "Painting is similar to composing music or poetry in that a delicate balance is required between the intangible elements (feelings, moods, and overtones), and the harmonies defined by the quantitative laws of theory.  The synthesis of the intangible elements with the regimen of theory, makes a true artist."  For Taylor, these cross-currents contribute to a deep appreciation for the universal laws of aesthetics, while at the same time, a passion for the unpredictable and complex nature of painting. 

Taylor comes from a long-line of artists including his Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Aunt, and Mother. 

Taylor Erickson can be reached via e-mail at:

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